Shelley Bartlett has been painting in oils ever since she was child  and old enough to sit at the dining room table, her  tiny legs dangling off the chair! Like many children, paint by number was a great way to  begin  to experience the magic of color and the incredible joys of creating art. At the very first opportunity to actually work with a bare canvas and paint from life,  creating images for herself, she was hooked!

Shelley  graduated with a degree in Advertising Art and Design from New York University at Farmingdale. She married, raised her children, and worked in fine art. She has traveled extensively  in the United States, painting in Colorado, Florida, Virginia, Texas, Maine, the East End of Long Island, and most recently in the beautiful,  bucolic farm country of North Warren County, New Jersey where she now resides.

Having long favored the French tradition of the Impressionist work  of Manet,  Degas,  Cassat,  and Renoir, as well as the styles  of Hopper and Sargent, her work reflects her deep appreciation for  illumination and romantic attitude in  style and subject matter.